Invisible orthodontics in tenerife

We know the importance of your dental health; therefore, we offer you the most outstanding treatments and techniques in the field of orthodontics.


We offer a treatment recognised by specialists which achieve the best results.

Invisalign® is a system of transparent aligners made by 3D technology that helps to make controlled movements in the teeth of our patients, reducing the discomfort caused by the braces, improving patient hygiene during treatment, reducing the overall time of orthodontics and since the aligners are transparent, its gives a transparent look.

The Aling Technology® team places itself at the service of our orthodontist, Dr. Vidalia Barrera to offer in record time a smile with Invisalign® aligners. Discover the secret in how celebrities change the esthetics of their teeth in a few months.

Discover all the secrets of invisible orthodontics with our professional team. Come visit us and we will provide you with a quote without obligation. First consult FREE.

On the second consult, we will carry out a radiographic, photographic study and implement the latest technology in dental software for orthodontics.

Types of orthodontics:

We must differentiate between functional or interceptive orthodontics (during the development stage of children up to 10 or 11 years old) and corrective orthodontics (there is no longer growth of the jaws), and in this second type we can differentiate between braces and invisible orthodontics. Our doctor is a specialist in both.

Through a detailed study of the situation of the mouth of each patient, our specialist explains to each patient the treatment plan for each phase of teething. You can enjoy a perfect smile with comfortable fees during your orthodontic treatment with braces or with Invisalign.

Why choose Invisalign®? Fewer visits, more hygiene, fewer emergencies, more comfortable, less treatment time, more aesthetics (totally transparent, nobody will notice that you are wearing it).

We have financing for you.

What types of orthodontic options are there?

At odontotenerife we have specialized in two types of orthodontics.

Firstly, functional or interceptive orthodontics, also called children’s orthodontics. With it, it helps to improve the development of the maxillofacial structure and the bite of the little ones, helping avoid problems in the future. It is carried out during the growth stage between 6 years to 10 or 11 years.

And secondly, the corrective orthodontics. In this case there is no more growth of the jaws. As its name suggests, this type of orthodontic helps to correct the bad positioning of the teeth, fixing problems when biting, jaw pain and improving oral esthetics. Our clinic offers two orthodontic treatment options: braces or invisible orthodontics.


Orthodontic treatment

Celebrate a friendly and personal service. Through a detailed research of the dental situation of each patient, our specialist will explain the treatment plan for each phase of teething.

We know how important it is to keep our patients informed about each of the treatment steps. Don’t be afraid to ask us about the procedure. Our orthodontist will answer any questions.

We also understand that price can be a sensitive matter for many, therefore, we try to make sure that the price is not an obstacle between you and a perfect smile.
With an individualised quote and own financing, it is the best solution to correct malocclusions and dental esthetics. You can enjoy a perfect smile with comfortable fees during your orthodontic treatment with braces or with Invisalign.


Your esthetic orthodontics with invisalign®

Invisalign is one step further in orthodontics. We work with the most advanced invisible dental correctors of the time. It is a revolutionary orthodontic system digitized from start to finish with which you can then later enjoy an attractive and healthy smile.

Invisible orthodontics has many benefits. Thanks to this, the treatment is more comfortable. In addition, the teeth are corrected in less time than using an orthodontics brace and it does not involve as many consults. With Invisalign® there are no dental emergencies. And of course, it stands out for being an esthetic orthodontic, totally transparent. No one will notice you are wearing it.

Feel free to ask us about this innovative technique. Our clinic will be happy to tell you how it works, its duration, price and all the questions that arise.

Frequently asked questions about orthodontics


Does the treatment hurt a lot?

It is common for the first few months to feel some discomfort especially the first day you come to the clinic, since we activate the arches and the teeth are in motion. Also, some sores can occur on the inside of the lips, however, it is only at the beginning.

The mouth adapts and you will only feel slight discomfort when the arches are adjusted on visits.


How long do you have to wear orthodontic gear?

It all depends on certain factors, such as the patient, the follow-up of the treatment, the progress of your teeth …

However, it is stipulated that on average it is 2 years to achieve the desired smile.


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