DENTAL TOURISM in tenerife

Discover our VDC plan:Travel, Enjoy and Take care of your health

VDC plan

  • Travel to one of the most characteristic islands of the Canary Islands.

  • Enjoy the unique climate and one of the best landscapes in the world.

  • Take care of your health with our professional dental treatments.

The Canary Islands are an acclaimed tourist destination. Our clinic is located in one of the most visited archipelago locations, being the south of Tenerife. Here is our proposal. In addition to enjoying the sun, beach, the climate and the landscapes that make Tenerife so characteristic, we propose you to delve into dental tourism.

Take advantage of your vacation to have a dental treatment with our professionals. You can enjoy leisure tourism, as well as having the best care, qualified attention from a trustworthy team.

We have on offer at your disposal a wide variety of dental services with the most advanced techniques, all high quality and in accordance with European standards.

You will not have to worry about time. We offer fast and planned treatments, such as our dental implant in one day or teeth whitening in one hour. Do not hesitate to know the Tenerife coasts and to put yourself in our hands.



How can I know the cost of the treatment if I live in another country?

All we need from you is that you return to us, filled in, a data protected information form that we will send to your email as an act of response/reply to your first initial contact email to us. This Form will request such things as data, clinical history etc. We will also require as an attachment; a recent (within the last 6 months) panoramic radiograph/X-ray (orthopantomography-OPG) , along with a photo taken with a mobile o standard camera of your smile and your full face smiling.

Once a previous analysis of your smile has been made with our team, within 48 hours you will receive a treatment plan or a quote. This plan will not be a guaranteed plan o an accurate quote, however a proposed plan until the first face to face appointment is made and an initial plan can be set. Variations in the treatment plan can produce a maximum increase or decrease of 5 to 10%.

It is therefore essential that you send us this panoramic radiograph in order to create your personalized treatment plan as close to accurate as possible. Without it, we cannot continue developing your treatment plan.

Once accepted, the clinic administration team is in charge of answering any queries, along with any doubts you may have in helping you organise your trip together.


Is the clinic responsible for booking the flight and the hotel?

Once the draft quote or quote is accepted, the dental clinic is in charge of obtaining the prices that best suit your requirements and needs regarding. The clinic has special agreements in place with the most important hotels situated in the tourist areas of ​​Arona and Adeje, which are home to the largest number of excellence hotels on the island.

The team will guide you when choosing between the different accommodation options we have. Once the details of your flight have been established, you must inform us of the date and time of the flight.

Once you arrive at Tenerife Sur airport, 15 minutes from our clinic, the clinic’s managing staff will wait for you at the airport terminal, escort you to the hotel and take care of all the details. You will receive a mobile phone to be in constant contact with the administrative and dental staff of the clinic for any need or problem that may arise.

In the hotel you will have activities prior to the dental appointment to help discover the many benefits of our beautiful island, home of our Clinic.


How soon can I have my treatment ready?

Like everything, it all depends on the current state of your smile.

Our specialists in implant placement prefer a treatment plan which is complex and detailed, so like to do it in 2 sessions, the second visit being within 2 months of placing them. The Clinic will be responsible for the cost of the 2nd trip (conditions may apply).

For any treatment that does not require osseointegration time (implants), only 1 trip would be needed, however Implants will need 2 sessions/trips.

The well-being of the patient is our main objective, so the clinical sessions will be held with the clinic reserved exclusively for you. We will designate the guidelines and times on the day of the first visit.

Payment for treatment will be made at the end of each session, receiving your invoice for each subscription.

Before returning home, we will provide you with all the information necessary for maintaining good oral health and we will give you a gift related to it.


How often do I have to check my treatment?

The treatments we carry out are expensive and require periodic annual reviews.

There are 2 options, the first is to return to Tenerife, our team will help you organize the trip again and our staff will pick you up from the airport. Review appointments will be at no cost to the patient.

The second option is to conduct annual reviews in your country. You will be given a card with all the indications of the material placed in the mouth, top quality products worldwide, so that the dentist who reviews you has all the necessary information. In addition, your medical history will be forwarded to you.



What if I have a problem with implants or prosthetics?

The treatment plan carried out has a 5-year guarantee, considering that periodic reviews are necessary, in our clinic or in a dental clinic in your country. During the warranty period, we will need you to send us an x-ray every year to assess that the situation continues in the same conditions as when we performed the treatment.


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