Dental implants in tenerife

We want our patients to be able to choose the best option when a dental piece needs to be replaced, added or inserted.

What is a dental implant?

The healthest solution for your mouth

Dental implants are artificial roots on which we support highly aesthetic dental prostheses when the patient has lost one or more teeth.

The implantology option is not only the most modern in the sector, but also the best. We care about the health of your mouth as if it were our own. We put at your disposal the best implant techniques, as well as the best implants.

Trust us as your dental implant clinic in Tenerife.

Implant placement process

3D simulation

In the past, tooth extractions had to be performed along with a wait of 3 or 4 months for the bone to regenerate to place the implant.

In our clinic we can minimize that time performing implants immediately after extraction. We are also specialists in minimal invasive surgery or using the flapless technique.

At odontotenerife we are at the cutting edge of the sector

We perform a simulation prior to the placement of each implant, making sure that the bone in the area is in optimal conditions for surgery.

We work with the number 1 company in R&D and sale of implants worldwide such as Straumann®.

There are 2 types of dental implants on the market, requiring the placement of a surgical guide to place these implants and which we are also able to offer to our patients.



In our clinic, we have specialists in advanced implant surgery, bone regeneration, maxillary sinus lift and minimally invasive surgeries with the flapless technique (without stiches or flap), which minimizes post-surgical discomfort, increasing patient comfort and reducing the possibility of rejection.

A thorough check and planning is carried out on each of our patients to assess the type of surgery that would be required at the time of implant placement.

Your dental implant with a crown in 1 day

Live a single digital experience.

Visit our clinic in Tenerife and learn about our treatment digitization protocol with the 3Shape Intraoral Trios Scanner , which allows us to maximum predictability of treatment.

We know that one of the wishes of our patients is the speed of a treatment. We don’t want to keep you waiting to see your dental health improve. Therefore, we offer a dental implant and temporary crown placement in 1 day, until the osseointegration of the implant (bone healing) occurs. In the case of Straumann implants for Roxolid® surface treatment, it can reduce the healing time of 3 months to 1 month and a half.

Visit us and learn about our treatment digitization protocol with the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner, which allows us maximum predictability of treatment.

Live a unique digital experience from our professionals.

What is the process of placing a dental implant?

The placement process of an implant has changed a lot and our team puts at your disposal all the facilities that digital and 3d technology provides.

In the past, dental extraction was performed and it was necessary to wait 3 or 4 months for the bone to regenerate and thus be able to place the implant. Then the implant was placed and we had to wait another 3 months again to be able to take impressions to place the prosthesis on said implant. In our clinic we have minimized this time to reduce it to 1 month and a half.

First we do a 3D simulation prior to the placement of each implant, ensuring that the bone in the area is in optimal conditions for surgery. We care about giving you the best service and replacing that part necessary and without having to damage the adjacent parts.

For this we provide many types of implant surgery depending on the disposition, quality and quantity of bone in the moment of the surgery:


We use a flap-free technique, without severing the gum with a scalpel, eliminating the need for suturing. In this way, you can forget about the typical uncomfortable stiches in the mouth.


It allows you to recover the esthetic functionality and harmony of the whole of your mouth from the first session. The patient recovers by means of a provisional prosthesis fixing the tooth or teeth that has/have been lost.


In this technique we use splints made by 3D printing with a radiological splint that serves as a guide in cases where the bone or important anatomical structures are relatively close.


In the same session, the tooth is removed and the implant is placed. In this way we avoid waiting for 3 more months until we can place the definitive dental prosthesis.


All about 4: We minimize the number of implants to be placed in order to perform a fixed prosthesis on implants. The technique combines angled and straight implants to give stability to a lost dental arch.


For patients with little bone tissue and very severe losses, we can choose to perform a regeneration surgery on the bone that has been lost , using artificial bone.

Types of dental implants

Currently, there are 2 types of dental implants in the market: those of titanium and those of zirconia

We do not want you to be left with doubts about which to choose. Therefore, we explain a little about both. And don’t be afraid to ask us questions about it.

Titanium implants are the most widely used in dental implantology. This metal, similar to steel, stands out for being lighter, being able to mold effortlessly and for its hardness. But, above all, its most distinguished feature is its high biocompatibility, which helps our body accept it more easily.

On the other hand, zirconium is used for other areas of dentistry, such as dental braces or crowns. It is a very hard and resistant ceramic material. Its characteristic white color is very similar to teeth, so they help maintain a high esthetic. Likewise, its durability and its ability to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque around it, among other aspects, must be highlighted.

It is therefore the best option for patients whom are allergic to titanium.

At OdontoTenerife, we work with the number 1 company in I+D and sale of implants worldwide, such as Straumann. We always want to offer you the best of the best.

Frequently asked questions about implantology


Does it take long to heal?

Thanks to our minimally invasive surgery, the healing process will be much faster and more comfortable, also since we do not need an opening up procedure due to be able to obtain visuals from the dental CT scan we have in the clinic, there is no need to do an incision and separation of the tissue with the scalpel, thus the need for stitching is avoided.


How long does an implant last?

Each patient and case have to be treat individually with an annual follow-up in consultation since it is an expensive type of treatment.

At OdontoTenerife we ​​have implants in place for over 20 years and can say that all work perfectly, so it is not ruled out that they will continue to do so for many more years.

The quality of our implants and the material they are made of contributes to their durability. However, we advise our patients to have adequate oral hygiene and care to extend the life of their implants.



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